Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

Pan’s Labyrinth No Good Deed goes Unpunished

Guillermo Del Toro with Picture House make this film and get 22 minutes standing applause when its first launch in Cannes Film Festival 2006. How goes is it?

Laberinto del Tauno is real lable of this film in Spanish. It is a fantasy film. It is about the Good and The Bad. The message is about Rule of Life. The goodness will destroy the badness in the end. Base on Spain in 1944. The story tells about a 12 years girl named Ofelia. Her adventure starts when she meets Faun. Faun is creators in a labyrinth at north Spain. Ofelia goes to North Spain because her step father takes her and his mother. Her step father is a cruel person. He is a captain. He is not nice to her and her mother. In her story, Faun tells to her that Ofelia in the child of Goddess. She is blessing to safe her destiny but she has to find her self about the truth.

Ofelia starts her magical experience in her way to find out if she is a real magical princess. She faced a lot of strange situation to find out the secret. In another side she has to safe her mother from her step father. He wants to kills Ofelia’s mother. How busy is she? I don’t like ugly face of creator. But, I love they shown in this film. The story and the innocence of Ofelia are interest to me. Everything is wonderful. This is the film when innocence has power evil cannot imagine.

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