Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

ERAGON Wrong Execute

This film is surprised me because we will not find connection between the novel and the film. As we know, a lot of film that based on novel is match to their movie like the story, the actor, back ground and anything. For example is Harry Potter. After I read the book then I will wait for the movie. I will satisfy that I found what I am looking for something that I really want to know in visual version like something that made me curious and has sense of mysterious way to guide me for watch the film.

I Think Aragon am made with so many different task and situation that make it strange to me. The Story goes in so many ways that make it different from the book. Is it wrong for execution? Maybe the producer and director want to change the whole story to cut budget and catch a better point from this book. But, I still have disappointed to know that Untaught as a main character in a book is not presenting as him self. His position changed with Aria, another character. Aria is the main character at the movie version. There is a lot of improvisation that made. I do not disappointed enough if the actor, the scenes, the detail and the effect in visual execute are good. Not enough time to explore the whole story and make it happened to a creation are forgive. But still, I like the book version better than the movie version. How are about you?

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