Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

ALPHA DOG Pervasive Drug and Strong Violence

This film is telling about pervasive drug use, strong violence, sexuality and nudity, I think. The drama as a genre that used is telling about a Johnny True Love (Emile Hirsch). A young guy with 17 years old that a drug’s business. He usually hangs out with his palls named Frankie (Justin Timberlake), Elvis (Shawn Hates) and Tike (Fernando Vargas) in an exclusive housing at San Gabrielle Valley. The story goes on their client named Butch (David Thornton) is lost. He did not pay his debt to Johnny. Johnny gets mad and steal Butch’s young brother named Zach (Anton Yeltchin). This little brother is some kind of people who loves freedom. He love drug, woman, party an so all. He is become friend of Frankie when he was being kidnapped. It is interest because of Justin Timberlake who in charge, here. But, further Johnny lost his patient. He could not find Butch. Finally he killed Zach. This story based on true story of The Youngest Ten Most Wanted of FBI called Jesse James Hollywood. This guy is 18 years old when he took his succeed in drug business. He has a lot of sports car. Jesse kidnapped the brother of Benjamin Marco wits who is one of his clients that did not pay his debt like Butch on the movie. For now, Jesse is waiting for the judge in California after He taken to jail in Brazil 2005. For this Urban Drama shows that teenagers are friend with crime, gun, drug and sex. This generation are failed to make their life obey the rule of community people. Their logic is that anything is true to life for fun. How shamed we are.

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