Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

Pan’s Labyrinth No Good Deed goes Unpunished

Guillermo Del Toro with Picture House make this film and get 22 minutes standing applause when its first launch in Cannes Film Festival 2006. How goes is it?

Laberinto del Tauno is real lable of this film in Spanish. It is a fantasy film. It is about the Good and The Bad. The message is about Rule of Life. The goodness will destroy the badness in the end. Base on Spain in 1944. The story tells about a 12 years girl named Ofelia. Her adventure starts when she meets Faun. Faun is creators in a labyrinth at north Spain. Ofelia goes to North Spain because her step father takes her and his mother. Her step father is a cruel person. He is a captain. He is not nice to her and her mother. In her story, Faun tells to her that Ofelia in the child of Goddess. She is blessing to safe her destiny but she has to find her self about the truth.

Ofelia starts her magical experience in her way to find out if she is a real magical princess. She faced a lot of strange situation to find out the secret. In another side she has to safe her mother from her step father. He wants to kills Ofelia’s mother. How busy is she? I don’t like ugly face of creator. But, I love they shown in this film. The story and the innocence of Ofelia are interest to me. Everything is wonderful. This is the film when innocence has power evil cannot imagine.

Letter from Iwo Jima Humanistic War

Paramount Picture made this film with Clint Eastwood as a director for an Achingly humanistic war, I think. The story goes when the Second World War happened. This scene is made for the Japan sides. Japan soldier that battle in the war with all their emotion and their will for their life are presenting. A general named Tadamichi Kuribayashi, the commander of Japan. He has to organize and kept his soldier safe and well done in this isolation territory in Iwo Jima without any help from another district. Takaichi Nishi (the Gold Olympic winner in 1932) and Saigo (He want to home and see his new baby) are another name that makes this film lives. These Guys with their own will is trying to make connection to their family, friends and many things in their hood. The cruel of war is makes them desperate. It is Far away from home. They try to send letter to whose they love. They never know if the letter would arrive to their address, or if the letter never arrives in this battle.

I love the scenes that create to show hard situation of battle. How war can make nice people become cruel, but in another scene they look smooth and soft with their emotion. I don’t like movie about war because the battle is always presenting about war crime, guns, death, sad and suffer. But, this film is good. Clint Eastwood combines cruel and sense of love in war come great as touch.

Miss Potter The Enchanting Tale

The story goes when Beatrice (Renee Zellweger) is falling in love to his producer, Mr. Norman Warne (Ewan McGregor). It was shame that her parent does not like this guy. Miss potter not sure with her heart. He left London and his lover for her confuse. Miss Potter left London to find place that she can hide from her Confusing. But, she does not have her peace, she gets sadder because far away from every one that she loves and cares. Her Love story changes Miss Potter’s life forever. No friends of her in London known well about this guy. She keeps the secret of him quite.

Since her first book named The Tale of Peter Rabbit is launch 1902, Miss Potter become a celebrity in her community. First book is copy for 151 million copies in 35 languages. Renee, of course can make Miss Potter alive. Her passion can make this film that made for English in Edwardian era is touchy.

Beatrice Potter is the writer that make children had a lot of joy by reading her airy tales. In this case, she did not have her joy for her true love story. Over all, this film is the most enchanting tale of all, I think.

ALPHA DOG Pervasive Drug and Strong Violence

This film is telling about pervasive drug use, strong violence, sexuality and nudity, I think. The drama as a genre that used is telling about a Johnny True Love (Emile Hirsch). A young guy with 17 years old that a drug’s business. He usually hangs out with his palls named Frankie (Justin Timberlake), Elvis (Shawn Hates) and Tike (Fernando Vargas) in an exclusive housing at San Gabrielle Valley. The story goes on their client named Butch (David Thornton) is lost. He did not pay his debt to Johnny. Johnny gets mad and steal Butch’s young brother named Zach (Anton Yeltchin). This little brother is some kind of people who loves freedom. He love drug, woman, party an so all. He is become friend of Frankie when he was being kidnapped. It is interest because of Justin Timberlake who in charge, here. But, further Johnny lost his patient. He could not find Butch. Finally he killed Zach. This story based on true story of The Youngest Ten Most Wanted of FBI called Jesse James Hollywood. This guy is 18 years old when he took his succeed in drug business. He has a lot of sports car. Jesse kidnapped the brother of Benjamin Marco wits who is one of his clients that did not pay his debt like Butch on the movie. For now, Jesse is waiting for the judge in California after He taken to jail in Brazil 2005. For this Urban Drama shows that teenagers are friend with crime, gun, drug and sex. This generation are failed to make their life obey the rule of community people. Their logic is that anything is true to life for fun. How shamed we are.

ERAGON Wrong Execute

This film is surprised me because we will not find connection between the novel and the film. As we know, a lot of film that based on novel is match to their movie like the story, the actor, back ground and anything. For example is Harry Potter. After I read the book then I will wait for the movie. I will satisfy that I found what I am looking for something that I really want to know in visual version like something that made me curious and has sense of mysterious way to guide me for watch the film.

I Think Aragon am made with so many different task and situation that make it strange to me. The Story goes in so many ways that make it different from the book. Is it wrong for execution? Maybe the producer and director want to change the whole story to cut budget and catch a better point from this book. But, I still have disappointed to know that Untaught as a main character in a book is not presenting as him self. His position changed with Aria, another character. Aria is the main character at the movie version. There is a lot of improvisation that made. I do not disappointed enough if the actor, the scenes, the detail and the effect in visual execute are good. Not enough time to explore the whole story and make it happened to a creation are forgive. But still, I like the book version better than the movie version. How are about you?