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New channel for kids and urban – based audiences, and the evolving needs of Hindi general entertainment channels in India are driving new opportunities for production and distribution companies

Balaji telefilm is producing a youth-based serial for MTV, Midi tech is involved in a four-hour programming block for Disney Channel and Discovery Communications India is developing a concept for a new program and commissioning it to a local producer for the first time.

These are some of the programming initiatives that have been launched in India in late 2004 and that look set to consolidate as an emerging trend in early 2005. There are many more new developments from production houses and broadcasters that can be added to the list, including plenty of e new deals for international production and distribution companies.

This is all being driven mainly by a spate of new channel for kids and India’s burgeoning urban-based upwardly mobile audience, and the evolving needs of Hindi general entertainment channels, which have shown increasing inclination towards reality talent contest and telenovelas.

“India is progressing towards being a global market,” says Tarun Katial, Executive vice president and business head, Sony Entertainment Television (SET) Idia.

Katial’s observation can be attributed to be channel’s signing spree for a variety of International formats in the last year or so, SET, which aired an Indian version of Latin American series from Televisa entitled Complices al Rescale and the widly popular Idol format in the second half 2004, will lauch Dance Dance, an Indian version of endemol’s Strictly Dancing in mid January 2005.

From Ritesh Gupta - Asia Image, 2004, January/February,
By Ghinonk

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