Minggu, 07 Desember 2008


How to win solution for the difficult situation as a side effect of the global economy crisis ? We are going to find a lot of answer of it but only just a little chance to make us win. How is it ? Let’s find out here : http://uangpanas.com/?id=ghinonk

The solution must be :

1. The answer must be the simple way with low risk and low budget
2. It’s very easy to used and get progress as soon as possible
3. The things should be attractive to others
4. No need a place for shipping
5. Without production processed
6. There’s nothing to do for delivered
7. We don’t have to pay employee for service complain or claim guarantee
8. Get profit anytime even while we are sleeping
9. Big Market http://uangpanas.com/?id=ghinonk
10. Global Market
11. Working from home or wherever we are http://uangpanas.com/?id=ghinonk
12. We don’t have to wait for a long time

As David J. Schwartz says in “The Magic OF THINKING BIG” that “Don’t ever trust to the people who afraid of this atom century. Tell them that it is fantastic time to live. Tell them about new industry, new outsourcing, global market and those are everything meant A CHANCE” Try it : http://uangpanas.com/?id=ghinonk

How Rich’s Dad ( Garret Sutton ) says : “We have to understand our power and weakness before we make some business and get ready for personal responsibility to have successfully and broken of the business made it. As a seller business we must know how the risks and get prepare for it.”

By Ghinonk

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