Sabtu, 06 Desember 2008

The Beauty of Woman

To make a wonderful lip, say something in nice and kind words.
To have beautiful eyes, find the good thing in everyone’s eyes you’ll find on the way.
To get the fabulous body, let’s make everyone full fill their hungriness,
Ask a little child makes your hair clearly with her fingers every day because you’ll find them shiny in the sun.
By attitude, Take a walk with knowledge and you’ll know that you never walk alone.

Human is more than every creature. It’s used to changes, get fixed, removed and forgives. Don’t you ever placed someone as a little stone in your heart, Remember that anytime you need help there’s always a hand for you in honest.
You are blessing to have two hands, one to help yourself and another to help other people.

The beauty of a woman not in her elegant dress, not in great body or the way she made her hair stylist. The wonder beauty is in her eyes, the way she sees for the world cause in she looks we’ll find the gate to everyone’s heart, where the love is growing for heaven.

The beauty of woman not in her excellent skin but in her pure beauty what shows up from the loving soul what gives you attention and purity.
The beauty is will always growing by the time to time, forever.

By Ghinonk
Tasikmalaya, 2008 des 7th
Special thank to Kuy, for the love and giving with care

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